St Michael’s Mount

Hot Bed Summer 2013
Twg Summer 2015A
Seagull Terrace 3


This is where ocean winds strike terraced gardens clinging to precipitous granite cliffs. Where myriad plants festoon and tumble over bedrock, all the while painting them with cascades of colour and shades of texture. A more challenging site within which to create a garden scarcely exists, yet the St Aubyns dared to defy all odds in the 18th century when they created a walled garden terraced directly into the south-facing cliff below their family home. Some 230 years later, the same family is continuing to shape the evolution of their garden through a Master Plan, completed in 2010.

Walled Garden From Above

Walled Garden from above

Hot Bed East Summer 2013

Hot Bed, East — Summer 2013

Seagull Terrace 1

Seagull Terrace

Hot Bed West 2

Hot Bed, West

Hot Bed West Winter 2015

Hot Bed, West — Winter 2015

Twg Summer 2015A