Ayrmer Path

Ayrmer Geranium Wall 2
Ayrmer Mown Cross 2
Ayrmer Carex Divulsa Subsp Divulsa 2


Confronted with slopes of 15 degrees or more, the challenge was to create level areas radiating outward from the house within which garden spaces could be created. Earth moving, terracing and walling resulted in five separate levels defined by banks and retaining walls, all linked by a series of steps and paths. Ornamental plantings are confined to spaces adjacent to the house, and beyond, plantings have been established to link the landscape of Ayrmer Path with sweeping views of the sea and nearby hills enfolding the homestead.

Ayrmer Geranium Pittosporum

Geranium Pittosporum

Ayrmer Molinia Verbena

Molinia Verbena

Ayrmer Steps Carex

Steps Carex

Ayrmer Border