Fern Valley


Web Acer Palmatum Osakazuki

Acer Palmatum Osakazuki


Tapestry of Green

Arum Sedge Woodwardia

Arum Sedge Woodwardia

Outcrop Azaleas

Outcrop and Azaleas


Red Primula


Stream in Autumn

Project Info

A former 19th-century Japanese garden has been transformed over the past 15 years into a foliage garden providing dynamic year-round interest. It is nestled in one of the many stream valleys along the south coast of west Cornwall, and the same dramatic coastal geology of the area is an important natural feature of the garden. Massive granite boulders and outcroppings punctuate the slopes of the valley, which is enclosed by woodland of ash, beech, sessile oak and sycamore maple. These slopes are patterned from drifts of ornamental plants repeated throughout the valley. A simple palette of evergreen ferns, bamboo, and subtropical plants makeup the overall framework of foliage plants, within which are integrated a never-ending succession of blossom from woodland perennials and shrubs. All of the plants have been carefully chosen to thwart weed growth and be resistant to the influences of coastal wind, excessively wet soil, shade and voracious slugs.

Numerous stone sculptures and associated plantings provide incidence along stepping stone paths.